Sunday, June 3, 2012

I certainly didn't know when I started this blog, and when I named it, I didn't expect to be gaining another baby, or losing my fears and hesitations....I really didn't put together that the title of my blog, "My Loss Is My Gain", I was only thinking about my journey to better health, but truthfully every loss in my life has helped me gain something else.....I think probably everyone has figured out my vague post last night.....YES!!! I am expecting a baby!!!! I am due February 7th, and I am truly excited and blessed by the overwhelming news :) I really wasn't "trying" to get pregnant....we decided after Kyndall died that we would leave the timing up to God, it has worked for the other 3 so far, so it only made sense.....even though I still miss Kyndall very much I can't help but think that this child most likely wouldn't exist right now if Kyndall were still here, I am really looking forward to meeting this little person, who God felt was important enough that I had to meet them :) I am so blessed by God, even through loss, He continues to help me gain, I have gained a very real respect for God's will and His ways.....I don't mind confiding in you that the idea of waiting for several more months to find out how are baby is doing, is a little scary, and makes me feel anxious, but I have to remind myself the same thing I have been saying for the last several months....."God knows what is BEST.....He will see me through, no matter what may come" I am very hopeful, that God has chosen to bless us with a healthy baby.....I want to continue to be excited about this new life, and not allow the pain of losing Kyndall to taint this BEAUTIFUL moment, and the wonderful joy of increasing my family :) As I said yesterday, I am going to continue on my journey to better health, I am going to keep going to my water aerobics class and doing exercises on my Kinect :) I went to the store tonight, and got some Flax milk and also some Whey Protein (not to lose weight) but to make sure I am getting enough healthy protein and not lots of carbs....I found this great Whey Protein at HyVee that is made with Stevia as the sweetener, and it only has 1g of carbs :) I got the peanut butter chocolate one, and then added more peanut butter and chia seeds to was really delish, low carbs BIG taste :) Also, bought some Boca Burgers (on the suggestion of my sister) I got the mushroom ones, and I am going to put them on a bed of shredded cauliflower (tastes kinda like rice) and then top it with some cheese and mushrooms :) I will not be counting calories (because I never do when I am preg, and end up not gaining anything) but I am going to be eating very low carb, the only carbs I will eat, will be from fruits or veggies, and a small amount from nuts and seeds :) I am going to check with a health care professional about the different teas I have been drinking and if I should stop any of them, also if any of you have any knowledge about tea drinking while preg (not the caffeine info, cause I know I how much is acceptable on that) I will call my OB tomorrow and find out how soon they want to see me, I know I have many months of taking care of this little one, and I covet all your prayers for his/her safety, health and well-being...also, need prayers for me, too....I would really love to NOT have Gestational Diabetes with this one, so I am going to try my hardest to keep the Blood Sugar under control :) Anyway, my blog has certainly taken an unexpected turn, but I still want to use it to encourage a healthier life, and that is what I will still write about, but I will probably be throwing some baby stuff in, too :)


  1. Just something I know about protein, is that soy protein is better for women than whey. Whey is more geared to men. :)

  2. Soy messes with your hormones! Absolutely, definitely steer clear of it and do your research if you question the whey protein. I used 100% whey with the twins and had a fabulous 38 week pregnancy with 7lb 12oz and 7lb 2oz kiddos. I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!