Friday, June 1, 2012

Well, it is again Friday night, and I am watching a movie with my husband, so I probably won't write a novel today :) I am pretty sure I have pinpointed the reason for not losing anymore weight.....I am going to do a little more research, maybe some tests, and once I have info for you, I will give it to you :) But I am fairly optimistic that I will have some great results soon :)  Until then, I am going to continue to strive for healthy living, and eliminating bad things from my diet, and continue being active everyday, and even if I am not seeing results on the scale, I am still improving my heart health, and I am also improving my cholesterol and blood sugar by focusing on diet and exercise....I know that in this day and age we always want immediate results, but the truth is, doing what you know is right doesn't always get immediate results.....sometimes you have to be in it for the long haul, sometimes you have to be determined to do the right thing even if there is no evidence on the scale :) My friend, Becky was over last night, and she said that she could see that I was getting more fit, so a scale isn't always the best gauge :) Keep plugging away on your journey to a healthier life, and I will keep doing the same, there is no room for discouragement here :) Have a great weekend, I will check in with you on Monday :)

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