Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello, and good evening to my faithful blog-reading friends :) I had a friend over today to play on my Kinect with me, it was a lot of fun, I burned some calories :) still need to get a bit more done this evening....not feeling super motivated to do much...but I will try to get some motivation going :) I think next week I am going to look into finding a nutritionist, I would really like some legit help with my diet :( I know that I am doing all the right things, but I need to know if some of the things I am doing are wrong, and I might not know it...didn't even come close to getting enough water yesterday, and when I looked on the fridge this morning, I realized that I didn't even have an entry for yesterday, so that explains why I go behind....I had no record of my efforts, so I couldn't tell at a glance where I has been better, I only need to drink a little more to make my goal!!! Still sitting right around the same number on the scale....I know weighing everyday doesn't accomplish much, but after losing 3 lbs 2 days in a row, I think I got my hopes up that I had finally gotten the hang of this losing thing, but it turns out it is still gonna be a daily struggle....but I know that even though I am not seeing numbers drop on the scale, I AM getting healthier and THAT is the most important thing :) So, I am not going to get down about the numbers, just gonna keep plugging along doing what I know is good :)

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