Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I am posting my  blog a little bit early, so, if you haven't read yesterday's blog, be sure to scroll down to catch them both :) Alright, so the word for the day is WATER.....I went to see my Chiropractor, Dr. Holmes today, and he told me that a person should drink half their weight in ounces of water.....so, I weigh 270, so that means I need to be drinking 135 ounces in water.....135?!?!?!?!? I am certain I haven't been drinking that much, I have been drinking maybe, MAYBE half that amount :( Then I got a wonderful blog comment from a friend of a friend and she said the same thing.....so I take this as a sign that it is something I need to focus on :) So far, today.....I still need to drink around 100 oz to get my liquid in for the day....so, I guess I should grab another water when I am done here :) I have already met my calorie burn goal for the day, but I intend to do more....I have some beautiful plants I got from a friend of a friend today, that I need to get in the ground, so that will be a good workout :) It is a beautiful day here in MO, it is days like this that it is easy to find things to do to get active, but what about when the weather starts getting hot??? We are suppose to have a high of 97 on Saturday, so I need to start thinking of how I will get active when it is too hot outside :) Having my Kinect really helps, and the air conditioner blows right in the prime Kinect spot :) Also, I haven't said anything yet (at least I don't remember it) but I ordered some teas from Amazon, I have been reading some stuff from Dr. Oz about drinking specific teas during specific times of the day to help with overall health and weight loss :) So, I will be getting them in the mail tomorrow, so I am going to start drinking more tea, and we will see how that works (I am not a fan of tea, but if it will help I am willing to give it a try) I will update you on how the tea is working, and I will also tell you how it tastes and how easy it is to work multiple teas into my day....I am sure I will be drinking it iced cause I really don't care for hot tea :) 

I have something else on my mind today.....I was reminded today how hurtful people can be....Why is it that the people we love the most are the ones we are the least careful with??? We would never talk to a stranger or our co-worker the way we talk to the people we claim to love, and also......why do we allow the hurtful, negative feelings in our lives to affect us??? I know that being healthy includes not only physical health, but also mental, and spiritual....and mental health and spiritual health go hand in hand....I know that with all that I have been through in this last year, it is my relationship with my family and more importantly my relationship with God that has gotten me through it :) I am not going to spout any kind of nonsense about meditating or being at one with yourself, or getting in touch with your "own" spirituallity, cause the truth is, that it is a personal relationship with Christ that is the spiritual well being I am referring to.....I know plenty of people will tell you, that you can do things your own way, but there are some concrete truths in this world, and saying that gravity only exists if you want it too, will not keep you from falling on the ground....Accepting not only that God exists but that He wants to have a personal relationship with you is an absolute truth, to have perfect balance with body, mind and soul you need to come to this acknowledgement :) I said all that to say this....the only way you can treat people right, and also be able to handle being treated wrong is by living a life that would please Christ, by showing His love to others, our ability to love on our own is nothing compared to the unselfish love that we are capable of through Christ :) So, in my journey to better overall health, I need to put equal focus on the health of my body, mind and soul.....:)

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