Friday, May 18, 2012

Oh, sweet blog friends, I know I have neglected you for the last couple days, but it was Caroline's birthday yesterday, and Josh took the night off work, so we spent the whole day together as a family :) I am thinking about canceling my Y membership, since I have the xbox, I am actually getting a great workout at home, but I want may keep the membership and do both, or maybe just suspend it for now :) I am more active than I think I have been in a long time, but I am not losing any weight :( I feel great, have lots of energy, but still stuck at right around 270, some days I am 269, and some I am 271, but just sitting is really easy to get discouraged and eat whatever you want, the train of thought goes something like, if what I eat isn't doing me any good, then it shouldn't matter....well, I know it does, I just really need to tap into the perfect combo of exercise/diet.....I know that if you eat too little, it can keep you from losing, and the same for if you eat too much.....maybe it is cause I don't eat snacks throughout the day, maybe I need to break my meals into smaller amounts and eat more often....hmmmm.....I know I am burning through a lot of calories....maybe I will look into finding a nutritionist, I don't know how that works into my health insurance, but if I could just sit down with one for one meeting, it might put me on the right track as far as how much to eat for my size and activity level :) I don't know that anything else is going on right now, I still need to be drinking more water, and get to bed earlier, I keep forgetting to get the sublingual Melatonin when I am out, I am sure that would help, it seems that I am always feeling very tired around 7 to 7:30, but after the kids go to bed, I must get a second wind, cause I find myself not wanting to go to bed....I may not blog tomorrow, cause it is Sat, and I spend most of my time on the weekends with the hubby, and I also have a friend's daughters birthday party to attend tomorrow, so I will be pretty busy, please check back in on Sunday night to read my newest blog :) Have a great weekend :)

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  1. I'm not stalking you :) we met once. Amy Neuschwander was reading your blog while at our house and told me to check it out. I went to a nutritionist two years ago and she told me that if I feel hungry I've waited too long to eat, that doesn't mean eat as much as I want, and portion control is super important. Keeping my blood sugar even by eating often has helped, and I didn't feel hungry nearly as much even though I was eating a lot less food that prior to visiting her. Drinking water is huge also and I'm working on getting back up to the proper amount. A 200 lb. person is supposed to drink around 100 oz. per day, especially when losing weight. That's a LOT of water! Blessings our your journey to better health. Karla Neuschwander