Monday, May 14, 2012

Ok, so I lost a pound!!!! I still haven't passed my low weight yet, but I believe I am going to start seeing major results :) When I got my slim coach it gave me a great way to track my activity, and set activity goals, and now that I have a Kinect Xbox, there is just no stopping me :) I looked at my heart chart for today, and the trend is a nice incline, and my heart activity peaked several times throughout today :) that means that I am being active for longer stretches of time throughout the day :) so far today was my best ever for heart if I could just do something about these sore muscles....but I just keep powering through, and I am sure at some point I will stop hurting...ha ha....I was just thinking about how sore my ENTIRE body was after giving birth to my oldest daughter (I felt like I had been beaten up AND hit be a truck)....I think I am MORE sore now, than I was then...ha ha....nothing like using muscles you don't normally use :)  Well, I have been eating healthy all day....more veggies, less carbs :) So, combine that with my new rigorous workout and I will begin to see results from my healthy new life :) Tonight as Josh was leaving for work, I realized that he didn't grab his big cup, he was starting to back out of the driveway, so I ran.....I ACTUALLY RAN, to catch him, and I was not panting when I got back in the house, it really felt good to be able to exert that kind of energy and not be weak and tired afterwards :) I feel like I should set some new goals, but I am at this point where I need to just stay steady and strong and stick with the current goals :) Well, hope you all have a great evening, and just keep heading in the right direction :)

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