Thursday, May 24, 2012


As you know from my last two posts, I have had a goal to increase my water, I DID drink all that I was suppose to drink, and it really didn't seem like a lot, basically anytime I wasn't drinking anything, I would go get one....ha ha...I am finishing my last required drink of the day right now, and then when I exercise I will certainly drink probably another 32 ounces :) So, just doing 1 1/2 days of drinking the correct amount of water and I am SIX POUNDS LIGHTER!!!! That is right, 3 yesterday and another 3 today, I am OFFICIALLY lighter than I have been in YEARS!!!! I am sitting at 265, and can't wait to see what the scale says tomorrow :) I started the Dr. Oz tea regimen today, and overall it wasn't bad, I combined the Pu-erh Tea and the White Tea (which I accidentally bought White Tea with MINT....YUMMY) and drank 16 oz at breakfast and another 16 oz at lunch, I didn't add any sweetener or anything, it tasted fine on its own (could it be that I am beginning to LIKE tea???? Too strange to consider) Then I had 8 oz of Dandelion Root in the afternoon and it didn't taste very good, glad it was only 8 oz, that's like 3 swallows :) But I did add some sugar-free mint syrup, and that made it decent....then the best one of the day, 8 oz of Cinnamon Tea (Bigalow's Cinnamon Stick) I started to make 8 oz, and it smelled so delicious, that I added another bag and made a full 16 oz glass of it, I added one packet of Splenda and it is like drinking dessert, it is so soothing and relaxing (I iced it by the way), I think I will enjoy finishing off my dinner with this!!! Also, if your thinking about doing this tea thing, I will give you all the details, just leave me a comment, on here of on facebook :) or I will look around on the internet and send you a link :) If this tea thing does what it is suppose to, I should be under 250 very SOON :) Something I learned recently about tea (maybe the reason I never use to like it) your suppose to bring the water to a boil, then pour it, wait a minute or 2 THEN put the bag in, let it steep for only 4 minutes, there is this stuff called Tannin that is bitter, and the longer you steep the tea, the more is released, so since I started setting a timer and taking the bag out promptly at 4 minutes I haven't had bitter tea :) I think I am going to take the Memorial Weekend off from blogging, I am sure the hubby will be challenging me on the Kinect, and he has the whole weekend off, so I am going to enjoy a much looked forward, to weekend with the family :) Tune in Monday for the results on how much more I have lost this weekend from drinking.....ha ha....water and tea that is :) Hope you all have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!!

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