Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alright, this is the first time I have even opened my blog since....Thursday??? It was nice to see a peak in pageviews yesterday, some of you missing me, and checking in....makes a girl feel LOVED!!! :) Sorry, has been a very nice weekend spend with my Hubby, who injured himself working on the house, and I spent the weekend making sure he had no reason to get off the was nice being his personal nurse, and helper :) Then he ended up coming home early on Monday night cause of his leg, so I have kind of lost track of the days :( Anyway, I am back....I really don't have a lot of anything new, I am stuck (weight wise), it is important that even when you have a week that is more difficult (feeling bloated, and such) don't give up!!!! Next week will be better.....I have been trying to keep up with the water drinking, and getting all my different teas in....getting the tea drank....I still have quite a bit of water to drink today, I should probably be drinking one right now!!! Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day.....did you make any changes to your usual picnic foods to make them a healthier choice? Did you take a day off??? OR did you prove to yourself that even during special days you can still stick to healthier eating....give you a chance to re-evaluate what is stuff we "have to have" for holidays....usually it is something that isn't going to benefit us, but what will you give up for a little taste of nostalgia??? Is it worth it??? Are you robbing your kids of their own nostalgia, just so that you can keep enjoying the unhealthy "traditions" from your childhood? Anyway, enough about that.....I am set to finish my week off GREAT!!! How about you??

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