Monday, May 7, 2012

Alright, I did it.....I fell off the wagon :( and YES!!!! I feel like a failure, and it has been very tough today to get back on, I didn't lose any weight last week, and I really did stick to my diet, but after a week of just staying the same, even though I KNOW the reason why I haven't lost anything has been disheartening, and frustrating....It is hard to stick to something when you feel like it isn't working, and it takes a lot of sacrifice to stick with it....Well, let me tell you, I had cookies last night, and I ate chocolate, and drank milk (2 glasses) I really feel awful, I feel like I have let everyone down, and even though my head said I really want those things, my body rejected them, I had a headache, and I have felt generally sluggish.....What have I learned from this???? Well, I am human, and prone to failures, I am NOT superwoman, but I never claimed to be perfect or even SUPER....but I am NOT going to be a quitter, I slipped up, I totally lost control, and I knew when I was doing it, that I was wrong, but then I also thought after having one, that I might as well, enjoy myself :( It wasn't as enjoyable as I thought it would that is behind me, the next few days will be harder, cause I have to get that extra sugar out of my system, but I woke up this morning with the mindset that I am going to stick with my goal today....and let me tell you, after a day of failure it is really easy to say, I will just start up again, tomorrow, and then you say the same thing the next day and the was very important to me that I get up, dust myself off, and make a resolve to stick with it, just for today.....tomorrow, I will do the same thing....I just need to stick with it, one day at a time :) I worked out today, but I don't think I was as aggressive as I usually am, cause I am tired and sluggish....I don't know if I am going to stick with this "low carb" dieting, I am thinking that maybe I will go back to eating like I did on my cleanse, I miss all the veggies and fruit I was eating, and maybe that is where my plan has gone seems to me that I had an easier time sticking to my cleanse than I am having with sticking to my low-carb menu.....well, I am going to have to do some thinking, this is where a nutritionist would really come in handy.....I wish I knew where my parents stashed my owners manual after I was born....I am sure they were just too busy to read it or store it in a safe location, so that I could one day read it for myself...ha ha...Anyway, I am trying to get enough water in my system, I still need to drink about 4 glasses "ish" I haven't been sticking to my plan for making sure I am getting enough water, I really have just let everything I must pick up all the pieces and start working toward my goal....again.....I really hope I don't have anymore posts like is my goal to stay on the wagon :)

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