Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I  went to the zoo today with a friend from back in the day :) it was a great way to get some exercise, and fresh air, and have a good time :) We brought a picnic style lunch, and I brought a salad, some hard boiled eggs, and string cheese, but all I ate was the salad.....I didn't know how hungry I would be, and figured I better make sure to pack enough :) I checked my Slim Coach, and I had almost an hour of heart healthy activity!!!! And I, of course, met my calorie burn goal.....I still need to make sure I am active like this everyday....thinking maybe I will take Caliber for a walk tomorrow, that will be a work out :) I might even try to run a little with him :) I didn't even fill out my food journal for today, but I didn't have any sugar, I even ate some trail mix, (it was the kind with the M&M's) but I threw out the candy and just ate the nuts and raisins :) So, I was probably higher in my carb count, but maybe not, cause I really think the nuts was the only carb rich food that I ate, and so it wasn't that bad :) I don't know that I will get around to filling out my journal tonight....I am pretty beat from my zoo adventure :)

I am sure you have all heard the quote...."How do you eat an elephant??" The answer being.....ONE BITE AT A TIME!!!! I think this is a very good way to look at health changes.....(not by eating an elephant), but by taking it one small step at a time......I know that many of you are like me and often times feel  that the changes that are needed seem insurmountable, but the truth is "the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step"....You don't have to become a Vegan, or win a body building contest to change your life.....It is important to look at the things that you do everyday habitually and re-evaluate whether it is a benefit to your health or damaging to your health......If you normally put 4 packets of sugar in your coffee or tea, then cut back to 3....it may be a little off at first, but with time you will get use to the change, then cut back another packet, before you know it, you won't be adding all that extra sugar to your drinks....I always say, I don't want to drink my calories :) I know that my way, by doing a cleanse, was extreme, and for people like me, that is a good thing, but you may need to coax yourself into these changes by one little baby step at a time :) The one good thing about cutting out the bad for a set amount of days or weeks, is you body gets so use to the lack of sugar that when you try to go back to your habits, your body rejects the old way :) Set a goal to eat at least one more vegetable a day than you are eating now, or increase your water intake by just one extra glass....whatever you know to be deficient in make an solid effort to change just one step in the right direction, and whatever you are doing too much of, just make one step in the right direction to stop those unhealthy habits.....let me tell you, if you think that for some reason you can be overweight, and eat and drink sugar coated sugar and not end up with diabetes, heart disease, and other health problems.....then your living in a Willy Wonka Dream World......it is much easier to make positive changes when it isn't urgent....and often times people with health problems like diabetes, never make the changes they should, and soon they are slipping back into their old habits and making excuses for why they cheat.....I want to remind you again why your getting healthy, it is not just for you, cause probably if your unhealthy, and you have been for some time, then you may not even remember what it feels like to feel good, you may not remember how much energy you use to have, so just doing for yourself isn't always enough, but what about your kids???? Don't you want to set a good example for them??? Don't you want to have the energy to play with them and have fun???? My daughter needs to learn to skip....hmmmm....I haven't skipped in a long time, but I am getting to a place in my activity level that I think I could teach her, but a year ago, even 3 months ago, I wouldn't have been able to do it (haven't tested this theory yet), but I am gonna try :) What about being there to watch your kids grow up??? Mom's are starting their families at much older ages than they use to, I will be in my 50's when my kids are starting their families, people who are overweight in their 20's are less likely to still have good health in their 50's if they don't get things under control NOW.....it is just about making small changes and setting small goals that will get you to better health :) Don't try to jump to the peak of the mountain in just one leap.....it is gonna take hard work and determination, but all you have to do is be determined to take ONE STEP TODAY, and then make sure you take another tomorrow, and don't turn around, DON'T LOOK BACK, Don't take one step backwards....just keep moving forward, even if it just a tiny amount, no one else may notice it, but you will know that you had a itty bitty success that will give you the strength and encouragement to have a bigger success tomorrow and even more the next day.....REMEMBER ......just take ONE STEP!!!!!

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