Sunday, April 29, 2012

Alright.....I know that most people have the problem of overeating, and eating the wrong things, but I think I am having the opposite problem :( I have been under-eating.....I need to come up with a plan on how to get enough calories consumed per day, I haven't had dinner yet, but I am under 1,000 for the day.....I can't eat enough at dinner, without eating things that are bad for me, to reach my caloric goals.....I think it is because my carbs have been so low, my body has converted to fat burning, and therefore, I am not feeling hungry.....however, it is a proven fact that you need to eat enough calories to keep your metabolism up.....maybe the fact that I am drinking green tea, will keep my metabolism up enough to make up for the lack of calories.....I have been doing the extremely low carb dieting, and I am thinking if I go back to the way I was eating for my cleanse, and include less meat, and more fruits and veggies that I would reach a happy balance.....this would be a time that having a personal nutritionist would come in handy :) I didn't weigh this morning, I will try to remember to weigh tomorrow, I had a busy morning today getting ready for church, and tomorrow I am going to the zoo with a dear friend from high school, I am sure our kids will have a good time, and I am sure to get a good workout :) I have found that since I have started wearing my slim coach, I have been looking for reasons to be active, even when I am sewing....I use to put my ironing board right next to my sewing desk in an "L" shape and then I would stay in my chair and just turn my chair one way or the other, but now I keep my board across the room and that way I am constantly getting up, and sitting down....I know it isn't much, but every little bit counts....I have reached my caloric burn goals today, but I still need to straighten the house, and then do my workout, I should reach my heart activity goals today, cause I haven't had more than 30 minutes of heart activity since Wed.....I should have had some on Friday, but we didn't go to the orchard as planned, and I have been busy sewing this weekend....I think a way to remedy this in the future is to make myself go for a walk before I start sewing, that way I am sure to get my activity in :) I am at a loss for what to eat tonight......I think maybe eggs, and something else.......I really wish I had a nutritionist/personal chef, so I never had to put any thought into what I have to eat, or when to eat :) That would make it so much easier :) Well, I have a lot to do before going to bed, so I will sign off for tonight :) Hope you all have a fantastic Monday :)

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