Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So, I had a little bit of a revelation today about the way we view our world :) I was thinking about all the people who have told me that they couldn't have made such a drastic change to their lifestyle, that they couldn't give up chocolate, or coffee, or pop for a week, much less for 3 weeks :) I was also thinking about how it's possible that I make it through every night by myself, and I don't cheat, and I don't just veg out.....and then it hit me....I am not dwelling on what I can't have......I know that my feelings of harnessing my thoughts started with just some way to get through losing Kyndall without losing my mind, or forgetting who I really am, but I have realized that it is a healthy outlook to carry me through all parts of my life.....which got me thinking, after looking at most people's facebook status', we live in a whole world FULL of people that are DWELLING on things that they cannot change.....we must first address what IS something that we can change and what is something that we CAN'T change.....the things that can't be changed are the things that are concrete and irreversible, Also, the things that will not benefit us to change, like wanting a bigger house, but knowing that you can't afford it.....wasting all that energy pining away for something you either can't have or don't need.....instead we can live our lives every day focusing and spending our energy on the things we can change and improve :) Our minds will naturally lean towards what we dwell on the most, so if you stay focused on the prize you will NOT be focused on the things that your not doing or eating anymore :) So, maybe I am just rambling and this is something that everyone else knows already, but for me it is a new side of me and new a outlook on succeeding in being a healthier me....I also did the math and figured that if I keep losing 3 pounds a week, by the time I have my 6 month check up, I will be under 200 pounds!!!! That would be AWESOME!!!! I haven't seen that number since I was a newlywed 15 years ago....it got me pretty excited :) Just thinking about that kind of change makes it seem really reachable...a goal I can achieve, and I can do it, one day at a time, by sticking with my choices and not giving up :)

So, I have been doing a lot of sewing today, so I have been sitting a lot :( But I did get up and do a dance workout before I sat back down to cut out a purse for a customer :) I just finished uploading my Slim Coach, and I still managed to be a Dolphin today, even though I felt pretty inactive :) Ok, my heart activity was low, and I didn't burn very many extra calories today, but I met my goal, I am going to try to do a little more heart activity before I go to bed, so I can meet my 30 min goal for that, too :) But my food intake was pretty low today, so I still am doing pretty well today :) Don't forget to make everyday count towards your future, don't let one of the slip away with excuses and dwelling on the things we cannot change :)

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