Sunday, April 22, 2012

I hope your enjoying the pictures I have been trying to include....however, I don't have a picture for today, in fact, I really don't have time to post on my blog today, I have to finish getting my office put back together :) I have a busy couple weeks, lots of sewing, and I know on weeks like this, where I may be sitting at a sewing machine for long periods of time, I need to make a plan for including activity DAILY :) I should tell you, that after not having pop for 4 WEEKS, I bought one tonight on my way home from church....a Diet Orange Sunkist :) It has been enjoyable, and I don't mind saying it is something I have missed, but obviously I have proven that I can live without it, so I am not going to feel guilty about drinking is NOT something I am going to do everyday, or even once a week, but it is zero calories, of course, the chemicals aren't good for you, but it is not going to sidetrack my goals, but I want to keep my body as clean as possible, since I just tortured myself through 3 weeks of purification :) I got a compliment at church today, someone asked me if I was losing weight, I said, "Yes, I am trying to" and they said they could really tell :) YAY!!!! I don't think they even knew about my they just noticed.....that is the best!!!! So, even though I have been to church TWICE today, and I also took a nap, I have met my caloric burn goals for today, NOW I am going to get busy and work up some real sweat....there will be LOTS of steps taken tonight, and lifting heavy things, so I shouldn't need to work out I said last night.....CLEANING = EXERCISE.....your husbands will LOVE your workout routine :) And if your kids are old enough, or maybe you don't have any in the house to make messes, I would gladly offer the names of some people who would happily share their "mess making" kids with you...ha ha....I am going to make this short tonight.....apologies to my friends like Mandy who will be reading this during breakfast, sorry it is too short.....I would rather be burning calories that typing on the computer :) So, off I go.....I hope each of you have a productive Monday :)

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