Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Well, I think this is getting easier???? No, that might not be the right word....there is nothing easy about changing the way you think, but I have definitely established new eating habits, and new ways of thinking about food, AND exercise....As I write this blog, I am testing out my husbands new ab belt.....I finally figured it out, Josh :) I have been making conscious choices to be more active, AND eat the right stuff, and avoid the wrong stuff to eat :) I haven't had anything bad today to eat....I actually CHOSE to do a workout routine on Netflix, I only did 20 minutes, but it was twice as much as I did last time......Also, I have BIG NEWS!!!! Tonight at dinner, we had Pot Roast and Asparagus and I cooked mushrooms and onions in the crock pot with the roast :)....so we didn't have potatoes with dinner, that is a first, I have never made a roast without potatoes, but as usual, I put the meat and only 4 pieces of asparagus (about 2" long each) on each of my kids plates.....JOSIAH ATE ALL HIS ASPARAGUS AND ASKED FOR MORE!!!! This is HUGE deal, he never wants veggies, he usually says, "I don't like it" before he even knows what it is, and he ate all of it, and then ate all of his seconds (which I gave him more the second time) and ate most of his thirds.......I am thoroughly convinced that it really DOES make a difference what kind of example your setting for your kids....they see what your eating, and what your doing, and they want to be JUST LIKE YOU!!!! So, if you think for one minute that the bad habits you have aren't going to be worse in your kids you have another thing coming.....My kids will see what I am eating or preparing, and they want to try it....Josiah asked me today if he could grow up to be just like daddy....he even HAS to wear his sunglasses, just like daddy....I know a lot of my readers are moms, and for me, doing things just for me hardly ever happens, so if my motivation for making healthy changes is just so I look good in a swimsuit, or so that you can fit into my pre-baby clothes, then it probably wouldn't happen, but I look into the smiling, innocent, sweet faces of my children, and I want what is the absolute best thing for them, I want EVERYTHING good for them in their lives, I don't want anything to hold them back.....I want them to have a healthy view on their bodies, their health, and food.....If I don't like who I am, then they will learn to be critical of the way they look, they will feel like they are never good enough, and if I don't teach my children healthy eating habits, by example, then they will not be as healthy as they could be....I am really proud of myself for saying so long to Soda Pop, because even though I don't let my kids drink pop, they have watched me and Josh drink pop all the time, Caroline use to think that all pop cans had Diet Cherry Coke in them.....I am really glad that I am no longer setting that bad example for them to follow :) I guess I feel that if I can conquer my weight, and get fit and active, then I will be giving my kids the best gift ever.....a healthy mom, wonderful childhood memories of doing things as a family, AND getting to be there for them as they grow and start families of their own :) THAT is perspective.....THAT is having the right priorities :) So, to recap my day, I had a coffee this morning, but when we went to Target this afternoon, I actually got a Green Tea....it is the same price as the coffee I usually get, so I actually chose TEA?!?!?!? That is not the normal choice for me :) I felt really good about my decision, I don't think coffee is bad, but I think that having balance is good also :)  I am trying daily to remind myself that my decisions that I make today are not just about ME and NOW.....they are decisions that affect my children's future :) Thank you again, for supporting me by reading my blog....each of you make a difference for me every day :)

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