Saturday, April 28, 2012

I know my Saturday posts aren't very is my only day that I get my hubby ALL to myself, so I don't like to spend too much time on here :) I have been sticking to a strict diet for the last 5 weeks....that is 3 weeks on the cleanse, and 2 weeks just regular dieting......and I have stumbled upon a surprising result......I apologize if this is too detailed, but I think it is important info, for either my male or female readers, especially if you may be having trouble conceiving......let me start at the beginning.....From the time I was a young teenager I have always had a 32-35 day cycle, the "normal" length is 28 days, or at least that is what all the text books say....I have asked many doctors over the years about the fact that mine is longer, and their response has always been that all people have different lengths and that it really isn't a big deal and doesn't matter......I should fill you all in on one more detail of my life, it took us 10 years to have Caroline, and the doctors said that it may not be possible for us to ever have kids, and even though my cycle remained lengthy, we were finally able to have children, we then had Josiah 2 years later, and right before I got pregnant with Kyndall, I started going to a Chiropractor, and having acupuncture, at that point my cycle shortened to right around 31-32 days, and has remained that way since around August of last year, minus the time that I was pregnant with Kyndall......well, since I started this cleanse, and changed my diet, I have had two cycles in a row that were EXACTLY 28 days.....hmmmm.....I only bring up this EXTREMELY personal information, because I feel that it really points toward the difference eating right and cutting out sugar and unhealthy starches can play in your overall is entirely likely, that if I had stumbled upon these findings years ago, that we may have had kids sooner, :) Anyway, the only changes I have made is diet and exercise and it seems that I may be actually recovering from Poly-cystic Ovarian doctor has ever given me any hope or indication that I could ever be free from PCOS, but apparently diet plays a much bigger role in these things than I have ever heard from a medical professional....if your having ANY health issues that medicine and doctors don't seem to be helping, I really would encourage you to give good old fashioned eating right a try....cut out all the unhealthy things, like pop, sugar, and simple carbs, and add more veggies, and water to your may be the answer your looking for, you just have to ask yourself, "how bad to I want to be healthy???" and "what would I be willing to give up for my improved health???" Sorry again for the personal info, but I thought all day about whether I should post, but I decided that if my personal experiences would help shine light on a possible health issue that you have been struggling with, then it was worth a little humbling to discuss it with you guys :) I have experienced enough, and learned enough over the last 5 weeks to keep me focused on the necessity of sticking to my diet and also keeping a close eye on the things I let my kids eat.....if teaching them to eat right, and take care of their bodies will save them the pain of not being able to have kids when they get older, or protect them from serious illness, then I think I will happily be the 'CRAZY' mom that doesn't let her kids eat sugar or drink pop....but that's ok with me, cause I don't let them do drugs or drink alcohol either :) I know that sounds crazy, but we know the damaging effects of doing drugs or drinking alcohol, and I am seeing more and more in my own life, what that sugar was doing to I don't even think having sugar in moderation is the way to is complete avoidance for me....that is the only solution to my problems :) Sticking to this resolve may be difficult because there are so many things in our lives that have sugar, I am sure the kids will get some, but not nearly as much as me or my husband had as kids, but I am sure they will still have some every once in a while :) I am also sure that I won't have any ability to avoid sugar completely, however if I say I am going to avoid it completely then I will have far less sugar than if I say I am going to have a little :) I think I may be rambling, but I hope that makes sense......I also set my bedroom clock 10 minutes ahead, these little mental games keep me on my toes :) Maybe I am the only one :)

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