Sunday, April 1, 2012

ONE WEEK, ONE WEEK, ONE WEEK!!!!!! I have made it through one week on my cleanse!!!!  Josh doesn't understand how I am making it without cheating, but I think I figured out a trick....I just don't think about what things I would rather eat, but instead focus on what veggies I am gonna eat and how I am gonna prepare them.....I think that is true for most things in often we waste our energy wishing for what we can't have and try to get everything we think we want, but instead, if we just harness that power and try to make the most of what you already have :) I have just 4 more days till I can add fish to my diet, and I am already thinking about what kind of fish I want, and how I will make it :) I am also changing from the "cleanse" pills to a "green food" pills......and I am really enjoying grilling my veggies :) One of the nice things about this early spring :) I hope you all had as good a weekend as I did :) Burned lots of calories in the yard yesterday, and stayed strong and didn't cheat when I helped with a lunch we had at our church today :) I brought my shake stuff, and I brought green beans prepared the way I can eat them....that way I could have food with everyone else :) Also, wanted to say, I got on My Fitness today, and I hadn't weighed in since January, and it turns out, I have lost 15 lbs since January.....I had been so discouraged about how little I have been losing, but I guess I was doing better than I will be much better from here on out :)  I am super tired and sore today, so this post will be a short one.....just wanted to leave each of you with a thought....Are we spending more time wanting what we don't have/can't have or are we focusing on being grateful and loving what is right in front of us? Have a great night everyone :)

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