Saturday, March 31, 2012

A few things today helped reinforce my resolve to change my lifestyle for the better.....First, I have been gardening today.....*sigh* I know, right???? It is hard work!!!!! We went to a local gardener, and dug up plants from his yard (when I say "we", I mean my wonderful husband did the work while I watched), then it was off to the garden store for mulch, and various sundries needed for gardening (like a  little shovel), then back home to get them in the ground before they died.....I was sweating like a pig!!!! What a workout THAT was!!!! I am a little burnt (not too bad), but my yard is on its way to looking way better....I didn't stop till I was done planting!!!! I got it ALL done!!! Yay, me :) My husband dug up the ground for lilacs, (very big job) and I did the front is not much to look at right now, but with attention, and patience, it will become something splendid.....It reminded me of my own transformation that I am trying to make....when you start trying to make changes, it is REALLY HARD!!!! AND at first it doesn't seem to look that great, and there is no real sign of any changes.....then....all of the sudden......people start making comments about how great you look (but even then, you won't realize how much your hard work has paid off) will still take even more time after that before you look in the mirror and see something AMAZING!!!! YOU!!!! You will really see yourself, maybe for the first time, and you will see that all that hard work and dedication was worth it!!! Second thing that reminded me of how much I want to get out of plus size clothing, is taking a you ever feel like you just don't fit right in the bath??? I love to lay around in the bath, it is much more relaxing  shower, but I want to feel small in the bath, and I don't......that is one way I will know I reached my goal :)   I have been having an amazing day, I am now just one day short of making through a week on the cleanse.....If I can stay on this very strict and narrow diet, then you can stick to yours, too :) I know there are people who avoid something that is good for them because they don't like it.....maybe it is a Calcium supplement that you don't like the way it tastes, or maybe it is vegetables and they don't appeal to you, or maybe you always add sugar or honey, or some kind of sweetener because you don't like the way stuff tastes without it......well, I want to lovingly tell you to SUCK IT UP!!!! ha may not like the good things that you have to do, but they are GOOD FOR YOU, and if I can drink those nasty shakes (which are actually starting to taste.....good) then you can take that step towards better health, too :) I encouraged everyone the other day to try to make one good change towards a better are you doing on that??? Are you ready to take the next step???? This time, pick something that you don't WANT to do, and make that much needed change....go can do it!! I have gone 6 days eating nothing but "shakes" and fruits and veggies....I am one day away from being 1 week in, and only having 2 more weeks to go... Josh grilled Pineapple tonight, and it was YUMMY!!!  A great thing for dessert instead of the usual empty calorie desserts out there :) Hope your making plans to worship tomorrow, I know that is where I will be.....HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY!!!!!!

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