Sunday, April 15, 2012

This is the LAST DAY OF MY CLEANSE!!!!  It has been a rough 3 weeks, but enlightening and empowering....the human mind is an amazing thing, you can let it control you, or you can control it....I know my health has benefited from this cleanse, but being able to complete it, and seeing this thing through has maybe been even more beneficial to my inner resolve....I know that I will have many challenges in life, probably at least daily, and I know that there will be days (probably many) where I don't win the battle, and I don't keep my mind under control, but it is these 3 weeks that have proven to me that I have it in me to conquer....I have the ability to use this inner strength, but just like any muscle, if I don't use it regularly it will atrophy, so maintaining control of my desires and the things I want to eat, and staying in charge of me, instead of letting my cravings take charge of me is still the key to success :) I have won this battle, but I am still 100 plus pounds away from winning the war :) So, what did I eat on my last day of cleanse...I had my usual yucky "shakes" and I had a delicious chicken salad with spinach and romaine lettuce, then I made "spaghetti noodles" out of grated zucchini and yellow squash, and had a very healthy tomato was delish :) I haven't checked my slim coach today yet, but according to the light, I have reached my goals again I will see how much I did after I clean the kitchen and straighten up the living room :) Also, I will be trying it out for the first time during my water aerobics class tomorrow...I am really hoping it is a good workout :) I am a fairly technical person, so I don't like just guessing, I like to know for sure, in concrete terms, if I am doing everything I am suppose to be doing :) So, tomorrow I am going to try to take the day off as far as diet, but after eating healthy for 3 weeks, my theory is that I will still want to eat veggies, and stay away from bad goal is to not go back to my old habits....without the strict diet of the cleanse it will be harder to stick with it, but I know I can do it :) Hope everyone had a good weekend.....I am looking forward to hearing how your goals for healthy choices are going???? Did you give up that one thing that you know is bad for you? I look forward to hearing the results :)

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