Friday, April 6, 2012

Hope everyone had a GREAT Good Friday :) I made a personal discovery while at Sam's Club is the GREATEST place to go if your trying to stay on track with your new resolve to live a healthier life....first, I didn't cheat while there, I sampled some delicious oranges, and passed on all the rest, but if I wasn't doing my cleanse, I would have tried every sample, and let me tell you why.....All you get is one tiny taste, but they had cheesecake and hashbrowns, even regular cake, but all you get is a little taste, you don't end up with a whole cake or something else bad in your car, that makes its way into your house, but you still get to have a guilt-free nibble and satisfy some of those cravings :) I know I have been telling you about my experiences, but so far it has been pretty boring, cause I am still eating only foods that are on my cleanse, but Josh on the other hand had quite a revelation today....he was hungry and not really feeling like making something to eat, so he decided to just eat some Ramen Noodles (SO UNHEALTHY), anyway he said he was only about halfway finished with it, when he started getting really tired feeling, by the end of his meal, he said he couldn't even keep his eyes open to read....he knew he was tired from the noodles, so he drank a bottle of water, and ate some cantaloupe, mowed the lawn and drank another water, and started feeling more like himself.....he said he has never realized before how much food has an affect on how you feel.....I would encourage you to try to eat only fruits and veggies, and fish and chicken for even just a week, and then try going back to your old eating will only take one meal to realize how bad those things are making you feel.....I am past the halfway point and in just a couple days I will only have a week left....YAY!!!  I think I am going to try to keep my new habits that I have been learning, but I am already planning of having a coffee first thing Monday morning after my cleanse is over......but I am NOT going to be eating sugary stuff, I am kinda worried that I won't enjoy any food other than fruits and veggies....although that is a good thing, because it will be easier to stick with my new choices if the old ones no longer appeal to me :) If you decide to try a cleanse, I would love to hear from you....I would love to hear any feedback to the healthy lifestyle changes you are beginning to make :) Have a Great Weekend :)

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