Monday, April 23, 2012

I was briefly a dolphin last night :) I know, I know....a rabbit can dream....ha ha.....Well, I went to see my doctor today, and she was very pleased with my bloodwork, I also found out that my triglyceride levels 3 months ago were in the 200's, can't remember the exact number, but my new numbers were in the double digits, and within normal levels :) She never even mentioned the word "diabetes" and she said that the 1% drop in my A1C level was AMAZING, she said they only see drops like that when they adjust medication...and I did it with NO MEDS....just diet and exercise :) I will go back in 6 months to get more labwork.  My doctor seemed to be really excited to see what my results would be in that amount of time.....also, I have lost a total of 20 pounds since in the last 3 months :)  So, I am feeling really great about how my day has gone :) My house looks AMAZING!!!! and it is because I did the work, Josh totally helped, but I would have felt awful if he had done all the work, and I had been too tired to get things accomplished on my own :) I am really surprised at how much more energy I have, since I cut out the bad stuff in my diet and started eating more good stuff....I even had the patient tech tell me today at the doctor's office, that she could never do what I have been doing with diet and exercise, but I told her that she COULD....each one of us has the ability to do what needs to be done :) You just have to realize that you have it in you :) 

I was up late working on my office, and between 12 and 1, I did 68% of my goal for today :) So, I was already in the green after only being awake for a couple hours....I walked 6 1/2 miles today, and burned 990 calories, so far....I am still at 268, but after going off the cleanse, I went up 2-3 lbs, and I have lost that again, So, my goal has been to lose 3 lbs a week, and this week I technically lost 4 lbs, but I am only down on the scale by 2 pounds, but still pretty good with the transition in dieting, you can always expect a little learning curve :) So, I still feel really positive about the changes I have made, and where my health is headed :) I would encourage you to talk to your doctor, and have some your labwork done, even if your pretty healthy, you will see an improvement from a better diet and better activity is really good affirmation to see those changes in black and white :)  I actually chose to drive past the close parking spaces at Hyvee today, and park further back in the lot :) I only went about halfway back, but it was a BIG DEAL....I almost took a picture of how far away I was from the store...ha ha...Well, I hope your Monday was on to the rest of the week :)

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