Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You never realize how social eating is, until your in a room full of teenagers and they are ALL eating pizza and you are NOT :( I didn't have time to make dinner before church, and we took the kids by the mall and let them have mexican, and Josh ate pizza, but I sat and smelled Potato Oles, and didn't eat any, then I picked up the pizza (smelling it the whole way to church) and then sat and smelled Papa John's Pizza and DIDN'T EAT ANY!!!! I did ALL this while my stomach was growling at me, I was hungry, but I still triumphed!!! I have never been so tempted and not given in.....I am telling you right now, if it weren't for this blog, and knowing that I was going to have to fess up if I cheated, I would have eaten a piece of pizza (would it have been awful if I had eaten just one piece???  NO!!!!) It really is ok to eat something like pizza or a burger, but not very often...the problem is, if I had eaten it tonight, it would have been because I gave in, food would have won....if I wasn't cleansing, and I planned a meal out where pizza would be involved, then it wouldn't be an impulsive choice....I am proud of myself because I didn't give in to my desire.....So, if your keeping score....I kicked foods booty tonight :) Now, I will tell you how I felt tonight.....I felt alone, and kinda like an outcast.....I know that no one thought anything negative about me, but just sitting there, not eating when everyone else was :( It wasn't just the food that I wanted, I think that eating what everyone else is eating has something to do with our desire to fit in, and be a part of something.....Sometimes we eat something that we know we shouldn't and our excuse is that we don't want to offend the person who made it, by not eating it.....but if you were allergic to peanuts, you wouldn't eat even one peanut so that someone wouldn't be offended.....if you are a recovering alcoholic, you wouldn't drink just one drink, so that you would feel like you fit in with those around you, but with food, we justify, and we lean on it like a crutch.....if you are open with your friends and family, and tell them that your trying to make healthier choices, so that you can be around longer, and (this is most important) stand by your convictions, and don't let them talk you into just one bite, then they will begin to respect your decision.....just imagine that all food that is bad for you, is a food that you are allergic to, and that you must stay away from it because of the adverse reaction that you have from it....It is about changing you view on food, and helping to educate the ones you love :)

Lets talk about food :) I discovered something AMAZING today :) I went to TJ Max and stumbled upon their imported food aisle, I have been in it a million times (total exaggeration), but I am usually looking at the kitchen gadgets on the opposite side of the aisle....they had all different kinds of oil, including avocado oil, and grapeseed oil.....and.....wait for it.....they had olive oil that was infused with black truffle oil!!!! This big bottle was only $6.99.....I just discovered Truffle Oil this last weekend in Kansas City, I had one tiny little taste and I was TOTALLY hooked!!!! But the stuff I tried over the weekend was more expensive, and since you only need a little I got the stuff today, and I have had a little drizzle on my veggies for lunch and dinner....and I put a little in my avocado dip that I made for my snack of carrots.....also, I found these great little oil spritzers that had good oil in it mixed with other flavors, like garlic, or sesame seeds :) I think it will be a nice way to add some flavor to the MEAT that I get to start eating tomorrow :) Anyway, I encourage you to go to TJ Max and discover some new flavors for cheap, and don't forget to read labels, some things are not always what they appear to be.....I hope your planning on attending church this Sunday to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ :) Have a wonderful end to this beautiful week :) I am gonna finish eating my dinner :)

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  1. It's scarey how our social patterns affect our eating habbits!! Great job today, you're on a roll....and going ya! Steph