Saturday, April 14, 2012

First, I must apologize for not posting on my blog is inexcusable, hubby got home from work at 8, so my usual time for blog was spent watching a movie with hubby, I will fill you in on how day 19 AND 20 of my cleanse has been going.....I got my Slim Coach in the mail yesterday, and my first goal was to burn 250 calories a day, and have an accelerated heart rate for 30 minutes a day.....and even though I only wore it for just 3 hours I met my today, I wore it for a full day, and also got the heart rate monitor in the mail today, and I walked almost 21,000 steps ( I will pass that by the end of the day) and I had my heart in the fat burning range for 116 minutes today :)  I know that sounds unbelievable, but I should also tell you that I went on a walk for MS today, and that was a 6 mile walk, which I did around 4-5 miles of :) I am REALLY TIRED today, but I went out this afternoon and did some shopping and put almost 3 more miles under my feet this afternoon :) I bought new coffees to try next week, and got stuff to transition from my cleanse diet to my "low-carb" diet....there is not much to that I have the slim coach I am having an easier time tracking my diet, too....Today, I have only eaten 958 calories :) My range is around 1,800 so I know I will come under on that, but I still have a "shake" to drink at bedtime, also, even though I am not watching my carbs right now, I am happy to see that I have only eaten 53 grams today, and it will be around 60ish after my "shake".....I am sure I burnt lots of calories today :) In fact, I burnt 1,140 calories today :)  I saw my Nanny today at the walk, and she hasn't seen me for 2 weeks, and she asked me where the rest of me mom and dad also made comments about how it looked like I was toning up, and losing weight....I keep forgetting to weigh myself in the morning, so you will just have to wait until Monday, and I will reveal my total loss for my 3 week cleanse :) I am curious, too :) I would like to be a little repetitive, and thank you again for reading my blog and supporting my journey to a healthier life :) I really couldn't do it without you guys :) Today, Kyndall would have turned 9 months old, and it has been a really good day, and seeing myself accomplishing the goals I have set for myself, has helped take the focus off of has made it easier.....It may never be EASY, but focusing on the positive things in life really does take the sting away from the painful parts of life that I just can't be change....I wonder if losing Kyndall is also something that has given me the strength to take control of something I CAN control....ask yourself, if your wasting your energy trying to change things you can't change???? Or are there things in your life like eating habits, or making time for exercise that you CAN change, but you constantly tell yourself that you just couldn't possibly do it....Let me tell you, there is an inner strength, that is lying dormant in each and every one of us, and it is just waiting for a cause, a reason to rise to the occasion....sometimes we try to be strong in all the wrong ways, maybe giving our opinion where it isn't needed, or trying to act like your tough....that is not the right kind of strength, the right kind is the one where you prevail against your own weaknesses :) Can't wait to hear about your inner strength, and how you conquered your trials :)

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