Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Well, I have been doing a low-carb diet for the last several days, and the stomach pain is back....for those of you who are new to stalking me, I was having troubles with my stomach back in February, and it lasted through the month of March :(  I have been doing all my own cooking and pretty much eating at home other than Salmon at Bob Evans, but tonight we went to the Texas Roadhouse, and I had the Roadkill.....I think I may have overeaten, I still stayed low in carbs, just had the ground beef patty with broccoli and carrots, but it wasn't until after I ate it, that I realized it was 10 oz of beef (that is a lot) me thinking about how we are so accustom to seeing a lot of food on a plate that we just assume THAT is a serving size....Josh and I were talking after we left the restaurant, and we realized that we would have both been satisfied to share ONE, lesson learned, now I have to deal with my tummy hurting tonight, but I know I didn't hurt my diet, cause I had NO bread or potatoes, I even drank water with lemon :) I think I would like to eat something to make my tummy feel better is kinda crazy, cause after doing a 3 week cleanse I think I am more in tune to what my body really needs, and what it doesn't need.....I think that from here on out, we will be spending less on food :)

On the other hand, my activity level is doing GREAT!!! I did 59 minutes of heart healthy activity, and I have burned 1,070 active calories today :) I have taken over 13,000 steps today AND I have traveled a total of around 6 miles today :) I was hoping to be able to post my before and after blood work results, cause I had my blood work done in Jan, and I just got it re-done on Tues....however, my DR is holding the info until my appointment on the 23rd.... :( NOT COOL!!!!  So, we all have to wait until then....Also, I lost another pound, so that is 2 for the week so far.....I also want to congratulate all of my friends who have been succeeding at taking steps towards a healthier life.....I have one friend who is conquering her post-baby weight (probably about time to start putting on some NEW baby weight :) I have another friend who is going Vegan :) It am seeing more and more posts on Facebook in regard to exercise, or diet changes.....GOOD JOB, GUYS!!!! It helps keep me going to see that being healthier is important to other people, too :) Hope you have a great evening :)

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