Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Even though I am at the point of counting down the days till I can have my COFFEE, I am so glad that I have done this cleanse, and even more grateful that my husband encouraged me to start this blog....for me, it has been a real eye-opener ....writing my thoughts and feelings, and knowing I have to be accountable to my dear friends has really kept me on track and helped me to see things about myself, that maybe I didn't want to see, but seeing the flaws in my resolve and my way of thinking has helped me learn how to improve my life, by not just accepting the things I think I cannot change.....there are a lot of things that we DO have to accept and that we cannot change, but how we view our world and what we do about our resolve and our will power is something that CAN be don't have to accept the American diet that is filled with unhealthy choices, you don't have to feel tired and run down, or feel out of breath when performing everyday tasks.....I have made that decision in my life and each of you have helped me get there, I will NOT be turning back, I am going to see this thing through to the end :) I have decided many times before that I am tired of living my life the way I do, but I have allowed "things" to become my excuse for not changing.....I am not going to dwell on the the failures in the past, because none of those previous attempts are FAILURES....they are learning experiences.....with each and every one, I have learned more about myself, I have learned things that don't work for me, and I have learned more about what makes a healthy lifestyle, I am so happy that I get to take all of you on my journey with me :) I have been struggling to stick with my cleanse.....each day I grow tired of eating chicken and fish....I am already trying to think of things I am going to make next week to eat....On Monday night, I will be cooking Pot Roast.....I am going to bring healthier choices to each and every meal I eat......I am even struggling with eating that Peanut Butter Egg on my mind I want it, I feel that I might not enjoy it, but I am also afraid that I WILL enjoy it, and that it will be really hard to I have decided that I am going to just take one bite, and if it doesn't hit the spot, then I will just throw away the rest, and if it tastes better than anything I have ever eaten, then I am thinking I might just throw that away, too....cause I don't want ANY piece of food controlling me.....I am in charge from now on, and I can't be lead around by my impulses......I think that for me, this has been the biggest revelation so is not about what you eat as much as it is what that food represents, and how there is NOTHING that I can put into my body that will make me feel better than being able to be the best mom and wife for years to come because I took care of the body that God gave me, and treating my body with the respect I deserve :) I am gonna be a different person by this time next year, I am gonna conquer my struggles with will-power.....I am gonna be someone that my children can look up to and they will have better lives because of the healthy decisions that I am making.......on a side note, I have struggled since my kids started eating solid foods to get them to eat fruits and veggies.....they didn't mind baby food, but once I tried to get them to eat raw fruit and veggies....ugh, it has been hard work, but NEVER have I said, oh, they don't like carrots, or apples or whatever....I just keep offering it to them.....the other day, Caroline was walking around outside, with a bag of baby carrots, eating them like they were pretzels (I felt like SUPERMOM that day).....then today, I was cutting up a Cantaloupe and Josiah came up and asked me what it was, and I told him and asked him if he wanted a bite, he said yes, and I cut a small piece for him, he then kept asking me for another bite....I was tickled, he never asks for healthy food, he is the carb king....ha ha.....he wants fries, and bread, and his all time favorite is Peanut Butter and Honey sandwiches (I don't give my kids jelly, cause it is too high in sugar, and Honey has excellent health benefits for allergies and such) for my boy to want to eat fruit was GREAT....I am still waiting for him to like veggies....Caroline is almost 5 and she is just now starting to show interest in veggies....but whether they eat all of their fruits and veggies, I ALWAYS put some on their plate, and they have to at least take a taste of them....I have also noticed that since I have been eating more fruit and veggies they have been more interested in trying what I am if your a parent I encourage you to get more fruit and veggies on your kids plates, even if they don't eat them, they need to see that it is a normal part of a will click eventually....I have 4 days left on my cleanse, and I have lost 10 lbs....I also ordered the Slim Coach tonight, so hopefully by the time I start my new eating plan on Tues, I will be able to really track my calories burnt so I will know if I am on the right track with my exercise :)

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