Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I am gonna try not keep gushing on and on about the Xbox Kinect, but it is AWESOME for getting in shape...I got the Nickelodeon Dance for the kids, and 3 people can go at the same time, and I was dancing with the kids, and it was a good workout for me :) So, even when having fun with my kids I am burning calories and getting my heart rate up :) I have had a higher heart rate activity every day since I got the xbox, that I had even on the day I did the MS walk....and I thought I really pushed it on that day :) I am trying to figure out a way to stay active each day, and still have time to sew....I wish I could figure out how to get my heart rate up while I am sewing....it is a fairly sedentary past time....ha ha....it is a really difficult thing to figure out how to do the things you enjoy and still do healthy things, too :) I think it is all about making better choices, and finding things to do when I am not doing anything else :) Maybe watch less tv, so that I can do activity also :) It has been so encouraging to have so many supportive comments and having cheerleaders cheering me on :) but I would LOVE to have people working alongside me, making changes towards a healthier life...I would LOVE to hear your stories of the challenges you have faced, and what you learned, and how you feel about either conquering or even if it wasn't a success, I still want to hear that I am not in this alone :)  Also, I forgot to tell you, that the Refrigerator Oatmeal was a COMPLETE success....the kids even ASKED to eat some this morning, I was so thrilled that they were very interested in eating something that I know is very healthy for them :) I am going to make some new ones with strawberries and peanut butter in them :) I think the kids will love it :)

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